Streets of Rage 2X - Ver. 1.7 Quick Test


Finally I can show the new content of the next version. The first SOR3 stage has the SOR2 Shiva as the first boss because I´m working on SOR3 version yet.

This game will have two Shiva versions because the SOR3 type will be a "robot" version, like Break as the Axel robot version. But I have plans to complete Zan and Shiva in versions 1.8 or 1.9 only because I have a lot of content in SOR3 stages to finish in version 1.7, and I can´t let you guys waiting a lot of more time to play the game :)

And now with the "Extra Menu" you can customize the game experience. If you don´t like juggles for example, simply disable it.

About the progress:
Characters left: Zan and Sor3 Shiva
Stages left: All SOR3 stages except for the first one


I hope you enjoy!

Streets of Rage 2X - Download Ready!!

Hey guys! The game is not 100% tested yet, but is ready to play. Any bugs or glitches, please report.

Streets of Rage 2X is the same game with some improvements:

- 4 players at the same time
- New "Air combo" system (with juggle control)
- New "Hit" and "Max Hit" counter
- New  "Rage" special skill
- New "Special" and "Guard" bars
- New "Block" and "Guard break" ability
- Random regular enemy "Spawn"
- Random "Dropped itens" from obstacles
- Improved enemy A.I. and skills
- All "Enemies" and "Bosses" are playable
- Some improved graphic effects
- And constantly updated with bug corrections and new content

If you want to help us, please donate


Test 1:
Test 2:



  1. That's great ^^
    Do you think to include Netplay module to play via internet with friends ?


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